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Medical Chatbot, Online Doctors, Chronic Care 24/7

Chatdok empowers you with reliable, personalized healthcare, anytime, anywhere. We provide a secure, generative AI medical chatbot, video consultations with providers, and chronic care – physician-led, AI-assisted digital therapeutics for cardiovascular diseases and chronic conditions.

Expowering with a truly connected and personalized healthcare for better outcomes

Online Doctors

Book an appointment and video visit with top doctors and specialists. Get e-prescription, referrals and sick notes in minutes.

Medical Chatbot

Generative AI medical chatbot for symptoms assessment, treatment, mental health, nutrition and anything. HIPAA, GDPR compliant.

Chronic Care

Physician-led, AI-supported plans for CVD with remote monitoring, symptom tracking, trend analysis, adherence support and expert coaching


It's so simple

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Easy account setup

Download app or begin your journey online. Register and complete brief medical history.

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Get the right medical care

Connect with your doctor in minutes. Use the chatbot and health tracker to stay healthy.

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Manage Chronic Conditions

AI supported remote monitoring, symptoms tracking, trend analysis, adherence and expert support.

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Get well, Stay healthy

Find peace of mind to stay healthy with personalized tips and expert reviews.

See how it works To Chronic Care

Personalized Medical Chatbot

Welcome to Chatdok Personalised Medical Chatbot, powered by secure Generative AI. Designed for patients and healthcare providers, it offers accurate information on symptoms, mental health, nutrition, and other health-related queries. Get personalized insights and guidance for general health concerns and effectively manage chronic conditions.

  • HIPAA, GDPR compliant
  • High accuracy and adaptability
  • Responsible AI constraints
  • Latest medical guidelines

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Healthier is easier with personalized, connected healthcare, powered by AI and human expertise

  • Primary Care
  • Mental Health
  • Dermatologist and Specialists
  • Condition Management

Experience year-round, comprehensive care with effortless access to a dedicated primary care doctor, a supportive Care Team, and a personalized care plan tailored just for you.

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Quick treatment from your online doctor

  • abdominal pain
  • allergies/allergic reaction
  • chest pain/sore throat
  • cough/cold/flu
  • ear/urinary infection
  • fever / headache
  • acne / alopecia
  • hair loss / scabies
  • mental health issues
  • minor injury/joint pain
  • rash / scabies
  • sexual health issues
  • most skin problems
  • vomiting/diarrhea/constipation
  • And lot more
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Beyond just a doctor, a devoted care team just for you

Discover the Chatdok difference as our specialized team delivers exceptional care, customized to your individual needs. Sign up with ease or download our mobile app for instant access to top-notch care, always within reach.

Hello healthcare providers! Are you passionate about transforming lives and making a genuine impact on patient well-being.


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