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Revolutionize Healthcare with AI-Assisted Telemedicine. Join Chatdok Providers

Join our Chatdok doctors' team, provide quality telemedicine, make a difference with simple registration.

Get ready in four easy steps

Registering as Doctor on Chatdok

Effortless Video Calls with Patients

Streamlined Process for Seamless Video Consultations
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Flexible Working Hours

Set your own working hours, whether within your practice hours or outside of them, to accommodate your schedule.


Instant Notifications

Receive real-time notifications for incoming calls from patients and appointments booked. Accept the calls to connect, review health data and communicate with them.

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Certified Video Consultation

Once you accept a call, simply join instantly or at the set time. That's all it takes! We will take care of the administrative tasks before or after consultation and support with AI tools and insights.

Benefits for doctor

Chatdok offers a variety of benefits and Telehealth solutions - all integrated in the myChatdok app.
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Advanced AI Assistance:

Leverage our powerful medical chatbot powered by advanced AI for free. It saves you time, provides accurate information, and assists with diagnoses, enabling exceptional patient care.

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Flexible Working Hours

Take control of your schedule with ease. Set your working hours effortlessly through our intuitive doctor interface, ensuring you can provide care to patients whenever it suits you.

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Lucrative Earnings

Enjoy the financial benefits of flexible work. Your earnings are directly tied to your online engagement with patients, allowing you to increase your income while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

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Expand Your Reach

Expand your practice to a virtual realm and reach a larger patient base. Join our telemedicine platform to extend your expertise, explore new growth opportunities, and make a meaningful impact on more lives.