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Empower better healthcare delivery with clinically proven AI and human expertise

Deploy Chronic Care AI Monitor, AI Care Navigator, and, a custom AI pharmacy assistant, for operational efficiency and improved health outcomes.

Our Core Products

Chronic Care Monitor

Physician-led chronic care for CVD and chronic conditions, with remote monitoring, symptom tracking, trend analysis, adherence support, expert coaching, and personalized medical chatbot.

AI Care Navigation

Personalized AI support guiding patients to navigate care and aiding clinical decision support for better engagement, connected care and improved outcomes.


AI Pharmacy Assistant

Generative AI Pharmacy Assistant for E-Pharmacy and Pharma support, helping users find perfect meds, answer product questions and provide personalised support in 30+ languages.

50 %

Reduction in Hospital Readmissions

15 %

Improvement in Patient Adherence to Treatment Plans

5 X

Faster Resolution Time for Pharmacy Inquiries

20 %

Increase in Patient Satisfaction

Proven Clinical Benefits

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Custom Solutions Just For You


Online Pharmacies, customized with your live products and content, enhances sales and customer experience by offering personalized support to each user. It assists users in finding their ideal over-the-counter medications, provides basic support in over 30 languages, and seamlessly transfers complex cases to your support team via live chat.


Pharmaceutical Company

AI Care Navigator delivers personalized support to physicians managing complex cases, aiding in the selection of the right medication from your brand. promptly addresses customer inquiries about medications, while Chronic Care Monitor furnishes real-world evidence on how patients with cardiovascular disease and other chronic conditions react to and adhere to your products.



Our custom-built AI Care Navigator offers round-the-clock support to patients with a multilingual medical chatbot, guiding them toward appropriate care within your practice.


Life Science

Chatdok provides an in-house AI solution custom-tailored to your unique products, content, and processes. It ensures quick information retrieval on demand and delivers a personalized experience for users.

Empower Your Practice with Secure AI

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In-depth Needs Assessment

Understanding your unique requirements to tailor solutions effectively.


Seamless Solution Deployment

Efficient implementation of custom-designed solutions for immediate impact.

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Optimized Outcomes, Satisfied Endings

Achieving enhanced results and improved outcomes, ensuring satisfaction.

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