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About Us

Our mission is to make quality and personalize healthcare available to everyone everywhere

Chatdok is an AI powered superapp for personalized healthcare on a mission to democratize health knowledge and make quality healthcare available and affordable for everyone everywhere, leveraging the power of technology and human expertise. Here is your all -inclusive solution for digital health.

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Our Technology

We use cutting edge artificial intelligence based on Natural Language Processing (NLP), as well as doctors and video recommendation engine technologies. Our technology help to:

  • Answer your health questions in the most personalized and secured manner
  • Match you with the right doctors for you, for 24/7 online consultation
  • Provide personalized health short videos for your health needs and risk prevention
  • Track your health data and notify on potential health risk
  • Advice behavioral changes and present personalized plans.

Welcome to the future of personalized healthcare


Do you have what it takes to help us transform the future of digital health? Join us on this mission.
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